Having your dog professionally trained can
be very convenient, but a bit daunting.

Your pups are like your children, and we understand that! So when we provide the professional dog training services your pet needs, we ensure he or she returns to you an amazingly obedient version of the dog you know and love.

As impressive as his many specialties are, the real difference maker is the way he’s able to teach people how to train their dogs. He’s most passionate about creating the best relationship possible between dogs and their owners, and it’s what he does best.


Eli Dog Trainer specializes in puppy training, adult dog training and K-9 training. Here are some examples of our teaching techniques.

Puppy Training

Puppies can out sometimes out of control. Eli Dog Training knows how to control their emotions and movements. Eli’s experience will teach your puppy how to feel its own emotions.

Adult Dog Training

Whether your dog has been your closest companion for years, or you decided to rescue an older animal from a bad situation, we love proving people wrong and teaching old dogs new tricks!

K9 Training

Most dog breeds are naturally protective over loved ones, meaning that your life-long companion could be so much more for you. Why not have a best friend and bodyguard all in one?

© 2019 Eli Dog Trainer. All Rights Reserved.

© 2019 Eli Dog Trainer. All Rights Reserved.